Furniture for Good

– a circular concept


In an era defined by environmental consciousness, the responsibility of industries towards sustainable practices is more crucial than ever. This commitment to consider responsible choices reduces the environmental impact in furniture production, which is vital for the health of our world and everyone living in it.

Responsibility to us is making long-lasting products with a keen eye for aesthetics whilst at the same time using waste materials that are sustainable, durable, and which solve problems with the way we consume today and with the material shortest that inevitably will be an issue in the future.

Embracing responsibility in furniture production evolves around the entire life cycle of a piece. Choice of materials, adapting to increasingly eco-friendly production processes, emphasizing energy efficiency, and minimizing carbon footprint throughout the different processes are important factors. As is thinking about the products end of life journey to new products or other optimizations.

Responsibility in furniture production is not just a trend, but a necessary fundamental shift in the industry, which we fight for and are proud to take part of.

A resilient system

Our circular concept ‘Furniture for Good’ is based on three principles, driven by design: eliminate waste and climate impacting footprint, circulate products and materials, and regenerate nature. It’s a resilient system that is good for both business, people, and planet.

Sustainable and social responsibility

Wehlers is a certified B corporation company. B Corp certification is awarded to businesses that meet rigorous social and environmental standards. These companies prioritize purpose over profit, demonstrating their commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and social responsibility.

We take it back

Repurpose and repair – We take every furniture piece back, repurposes it or repairing it if needed. Our take back concept involves dismantling the furniture, inspecting its components, and either refurbishing them or recycling materials responsibly. Some parts may be refurbished and put back into circulation, while others may be recycled into new materials.

Closed-loop supply chain
- The Take Back concept aims to create a closed-loop supply chain for furniture. This means that materials from old or worn-out furniture are recycled in the production of new furniture. Our Take Back concept helps reduce the environmental impact of the furniture industry. It reduces the demand for new raw materials, decreases energy consumption, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing and transportation. It also minimizes the amount of furniture ending up in landfills.


We choose our materials very carefully and focus on responsible forestry and utilizing waste materials.

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