Make an eco-conscious choice with Wehler’s. Renting furniture reduces environmental impact by extending the life cycle of furnishings and reducing the demand for new production.
Join us in promoting sustainability.

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Wehlers provide a rental agreement with companies based in Europe. By choosing to rent furniture from Wehler’s, you’re making an eco-conscious decision.

Our rental furniture is the perfect solution for short-term needs. Whether you’re staging a home for sale, furnishing a temporary residence, or showcasing your business at an event, we have you covered without the commitment of ownership. At Wehler’s, we offer a diverse selection of furniture options that suit every taste and preference. Create a space that reflects your unique personality and needs, all with the convenience of renting. Life is dynamic, and so are your furniture needs. With our leasing program, you have the power to adapt seamlessly to changing circumstances. When your requirements evolve, you can
effortlessly update or switch out your rented furniture.

Fit it to your budget

At Wehler’s, we understand the importance of budget-conscious decisions. Leasing or renting furniture allows you to enjoy the finest furnishings without the initial financial burden of purchasing. Our affordable monthly payment plans make it easy to fit sustainable, well-crafted furniture into your budget.

High level service

When you rent furniture from us, you’ll experience a level of convenience that’s second to none. Our team handles everything, from prompt delivery and professional setup to the hassle-free pickup when your rental period ends.

Maintenance and repair service

Our furniture rental and leasing agreements include maintenance and repair services. If any rented items require attention, our experts will handle it swiftly, ensuring that your furniture always looks and performs its best.

Try before you buy

Unsure about a particular furniture piece? No problem! Rent it from us and see how it fits your space and lifestyle. Our “try before you buy” approach empowers you to make informed decisions for your long-term furniture investments.

If you have any questions regarding rental please contact us at

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