About Wehlers

Wehlers is a furniture design brand with a circular agenda using responsible sourced waste materials and certified wood in high-quality products designed by renowned architects. 

We believe in creating positive changes within the furniture design industry, driven by a deep sense of responsibility towards future generations. Our mission is to create design with meaning and lead the way in sustainable and transparent business practices, demonstrating that meaningful impact can be achieved through the choices we make.

Our ambition is clear

We want to offer high-quality designed furniture that resonates with consumers who wants to choose sustainable products, and we want to keep aiming towards a new standard for environmental integrity within furniture.

Wehlers was established in 2017 by Henrik Holm and Maria Fryd, driven by their unwavering belief in leaving the world a better place for future generations. Observing how consumption has adversely impacted the health of our planet, resulting in a significant accumulation of waste, was an undeniable reality that they could not ignore. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they felt the need to act.

To this day, Henrik and Maria remain dedicated to their goal and actively seek solutions that involve the reuse and repurposing of waste—a reality that cannot be ignored unless we alter our consumer behavior. They perceive and treat waste as a valuable resource, combining it with a strong design aesthetic to make furniture spanning generations.

“Sustainable choices matter. Our world needs us - companies and consumers – to take good care of it. Design can help us do that. But that doesn’t mean we should keep creating more consumer goods. However, we do believe that we need more options for conscious consumption. This is the foundation of Wehlers. We want to create positive changes and be an active part in this agenda. Great design doesn’t just fulfil a practical need. It rethinks, reuses, and turns waste into value.“

Maria & Henrik, Founders of Wehlers

A circular concept

Embracing responsibility in furniture production evolves around the entire life cycle of a piece.

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We choose our materials very carefully and focus on responsible forestry and utilizing waste materials.

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Project and contracts

We collaborate with interior designers, architects and other professionals.

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