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Choice of material is essential designing and producing furniture. Not only does it need to be durable and strong and fit the specific design purpose, but it also has a central role in terms of creating a sustainable environment for future production and the development in the industry working towards a more responsible approach.

We choose our materials very carefully and focus on responsible forestry and utilizing waste materials. By harnessing the potential to discarded fishing nets, e-waste, FSC wood, and innovative materials like pharmalit, we contribute to a future where waste is considered as valuable resources.


Electronic waste, or e-waste, consist of recycled plastic from discarded electronic devices. With technological appliances being produced and consumed in a large extent – the fastest growing waste stream in Europe – it becomes important to reuse the considerable abundant amount of e-waste that, due to our consumption, only naturally arises. Discarded electronic devices contribute to toxic waste streams, yet many of their components can be salvaged and repurposed. By integrating e-waste into furniture production, we can create unique technologically infused pieces while diverting harmful materials.

All our e-waste material is from Austria.


Pharmalit, a composite material made from pharmaceutical packaging waste, is emerging as an innovative solution for sustainable furniture production. Our designs contain of pharmalit mainly from insulin pens. By collecting this material and reusing it, we minimize waste and maximize the potential of these valuable health products.

With the pharmaceutical industry generating vast amounts of plastic waste, transforming this material into durable furniture contributes to waste reduction and a circular economy mindset. We use waste material from 142 insulin pens to produce one chair.
All our pharmalit is collected in Denmark.

Fishing net

Abandoned nets pose a severe threat to life in our oceans and coasts, causing entanglements and pollution. Using discarded fishing net as material for products is both eco-friendly and contribute to cleaner oceans and a healthier planet. The majority of all fishing nets used in our products are collected from Danish or Faroese waters and sorted by hand in Denmark to ensure a correct usage of the material.

FSC certified wood

High quality oak is used for all wooden products. We are FSC certified ensuring a sustainable forestry, which not only preserves biological diversity and replant new forests, but it does also sustain economic viability and guarantee safe conditions and ethical labour practices for people working there, benefiting local communities.

The FSC certification has become a gold standard for responsible wood sourcing.

The R.U.M. Process

Our R.U.M. chair is made with waste materials gathered from nature or provided by companies to ensure a better and more sustainable use of already existing and processed materials. Gathering, reprocessing, and reproducing contains a complex process. It is neither easy nor cheap but simply necessary. We value reduced waste and climate impacting footprint and regenerate nature joined with products high in quality, function, and aesthetics. Waste material is something we will never run out of.

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Collection of waste – It all starts with collecting waste in collaboration with big international companies, to ensure better heath for our world.

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Sorting of waste – The sorting process is key, because it ensures the right materials is being used the right way and for the best purpose. The waste material is melted to small, fragmented pieces. Washed and cleaned ready for reuse.

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Production of design item – The waste material will be repurposed into new designer items, with both a practical and aesthetic value, so it can be a solid item standing the test of time.

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Collection of waste – It all starts with collecting waste in collaboration with big international companies, to ensure better heath for our world.

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Collection of waste – It all starts with collecting waste in collaboration with big international companies, to ensure better heath for our world.

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