Zero Waste

Preservation of Ecosystems

Low Carbon Foot Print

From Waste to Valuable Design

The Wehlers R.U.M. chair is proof that by designing on the principles of circular design it is possible to lower emissions and reduce the use of virgin materials significantly - all without compromising on neither aesthetics, price nor quality – changing the furniture industry for good.

R.U.M. is short for ReUsedMaterials and is either made of fishing nets, pharmalit or e-waste. The circularity is supported by the use of only two materials that can be 100% recycled without significant material downgrading. A Chair designed to change the way furniture is made in the World.

Fisherman’s Green

R.U.M. chairs made from recycled fishing nets.

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Keyboard Black

R.U.M. chairs made from recycled e-waste.

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Pharma Blue

R.U.M. chairs made from recycled pharmalit.

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